What kind of manager are you?

Posted on: December 4th, 2018 by Staffan Engstrom

As part of my coaching and mentoring practice, I am often faced with issues that clients have regarding how they can be better managers.

In my experience, there are 3 sets of key competencies that have the most significant impact in shaping management cadre. The relative strengths or limitations of managers in each of those competencies defines them into one of 8 generic manager ‘types’. I have set this out in the diagram below.

Here are the three skillsets that define a manager:

1. Action orientation – the ability to see the way forward, define appropriate goals, and focus efforts onto achieving them with urgency.

2.  People skills – how they appreciate and respond to the needs and skills of people, matching the right skills with the right tasks.

3. Personal integrity – how they build trust with people, thereby developing open and productive relationships.

The diagram above shows how each of the skills defines the 8 types of manager. How many of them do you recognise?

For more detail on each of the manager types, and on how to be a better manager, just click on this link.