Turn ideas into profit

Posted on: October 20th, 2016 by Staffan Engstrom

How often have you seen promising-looking business initiatives apparently languishing, going nowhere?

I have.

Case 1). A business has a great growth idea. Lots of time has been expended debating it as a concept, but it never gets off the ground. It stays as just an idea, because no-one knows how to ground it, and make it meaningful for buyers..

Case 2). The business idea has been grounded and launched. Resources are expended, sales initiatives started, but after lots of fanfare nothing much seems to happen. It flops. The exciting looking growth plan fails to produce the promised results, and the new initiative loses credibility and/or the sales force is blamed.

These issues normally arise because of the lack of  a robust approach to ‘proper’ marketing. By this I mean that crucial steps are missed in the discipline of taking ideas to market, so blockages arise that could have been discerned and avoided.

How good is your organisation at turning it’s ideas into profits?

I have written up the approach I use in a handy printable 2-pager – click the link to see.