Deliver, Deliver, Deliver

Posted on: February 20th, 2015 by Staffan Engstrom
Customers are hard to find and harder to keep, which is why delivering customer service is the number one profitable strategy in business. Delighted customers stick with you, give you a greater share of their work, and provide references for others.We all know this, but the amazing fact is that so many businesses seem to have no objective idea of how they are doing in customer service beyond collected stories, anecdotes, and intuition.

The core to service delivery in any sizeable organisation is measuring it so that it can be managed. Human nature says that if you do not measure such a sensitive topic objectively you will be likely to start fooling yourselves regarding how well you are actually doing. In other words, you end up believing your own propaganda, restraining the very striving for excellence that excellence requires.

One of the best ways to objectively measure customer service delivery is through Net Promoter Score. Click the button below for the white paper to find out more.