Change Magnetism – Do less to get more done

Posted on: December 6th, 2013 by Staffan Engstrom

When I was at school my Physics teacher drew a big rectangular magnet on the board, with lots of circles inside to represent tiny compasses. He said that the compasses are the atoms, and the way that a magnet works is by aligning all the compasses in the same direction. If the little compasses are not aligned then there is no magnetic force.

A big issue that companies face is trying to deliver change programmes that are so complex and all-encompassing that they are destined to fail, because no-one can get their arms around the delivery of all the detail. There are too many priorities. When people’s attention is spread over lots of work streams, then the focus for each person is different, so you don’t get the power of co-ordinated action. There are too many things happening to develop the requisite magnetic force.
In other words, if you do less you get more done.