Case Study: Xiros Management Team Appraisal

The Customer

Xiros is a long established developer of implants, fixation devices and surgical techniques for a variety of orthopaedic applications. It specialises in transforming ideas into finished products and bringing them to market.

Objective of the Work

The objective was to work with the management team to provide feedback to each person on their relative strengths and weaknesses, enabling the team to set a robust management structure for the future challenges faced by the business.


We helped the 14 senior team members at Xiros to assess how their strengths, experience and skills could be recognised and most effectively channelled.


  1. Developed anonymous and very focussed ‘360 feedback’ for each team member on their strengths, capabilities and limitations.
  2. Detailed meetings with each team member to understand how they can best contribute to the future success of the business.
  3. Developing options for delegation, accountability and management structure.

“The 360 degree feedback exercise facilitated better positioning of folk in clearly identified roles with better-defined remits. It was … vital for all of us to face facts about our strengths and shortcomings and for some of us to accept changes in our roles.”        

Bahaa Seedhom – Chairman and Owner, Xiros