Case Study: The Development Manager – Substantially Increased Profitability

The Development Manager Limited (TDM) is a Midlands-based SME focussed on Open Source software solutions for talent, learning and knowledge management. They deliver apprentice education programmes for ICT, develop and deploy Open Source software solutions, and knowledge and competency consultancy. TDM appointed Staffan Engstrom Limited (SEL) to consider and review the strategic options for the business.

Objective of the Work

The objective of the assignment was to work with the owners to:

  1. Assess the performance of the business against its business plan.
  2. Develop and assess strategic options for the business, including: the core future market focus; the appropriate management structure; business resources and cost structure.
  3. Consider and assess the business ownership options, including the partial or outright disposal of the business.

The Outcomes

  • A re-focussed business structure and market approach that substantially improved the profitability and cash position of the business in 6 months.
  • Clarity that the future of the business ownership should remain with the incumbents.

The Approach Adopted

  1. Strong up-front engagement with the business owners to understand their hopes and aspirations for the business and its plan.
  2. Deep analysis of the business plan, cost structure and financial performance of the business by market sector and as a whole.
  3. Engagement with a deep slice of employees and key advisors to assess the efficacy of the business plan.
  4. Development of strategic options for the business to facilitate an open discussion of the potential ways forward.

Staffan was extremely helpful to TDM at a critical juncture in our business history.  He helped us to negotiate our position with interested purchasing parties
; to more deeply understand our business strengths, weaknesses and opportunities; and
 to strategically reposition as a consequence! I would recommend SEL without hesitation.”      

Derrin Kent – Managing Director, The Development Manager Ltd