Case Study: Phabrix Board Mentoring

The Customer

The Phabrix business is a respected and innovative high tech R&D company in test and measurement equipment for the broadcast industry.

It was founded a decade ago by Philip and Erica Adams, quickly seeing significant success in new product development. Phabrix was preparing to launch further innovative and exciting products, but with numerous matters requiring debate and resolution.

Objective of the Work

The work was to coach/mentor the four directors as they considered the future management and strategy of the business going forward, providing a clear direction for the business, and pragmatic delivery plans for getting there.

The Outcomes

The directors reached clarity on how to manage a number of complex issues faced by the business including:

1) International distribution.

2) Sales/ marketing structure.

3) USA sales management.

4) Core business priorities.

The Approach

SEL employed a collaborative approach, working with the directors through the following key elements:

  • Project scoping session
  • Individual meetings with each Director
  • Monthly review sessions with all the Directors.
    • Defining the future management agenda.
    • Considering the strategic priorities.
    • Developing and testing the management options.
    • Developing action plans for implementation.

“Staffan has a great way of getting people to look at important things well. I would definitely recommend him.”

Erica Adams – Founding Director, Phabrix