Case Study: Oil and Gas Services Market Study

Carillion, a FTSE 250 services company, seeking to expand its service business globally, and enter new markets.

Objectives of the Work

  • Investigate the UK and North American services market for shale gas, including the scope of the market, the key players and geographies, the value chain and market entry opportunities.
  • Outline the structure of the upstream Oil and Gas ¬†exploration process, to clarify where market entry opportunities exist.
  • Identify areas for potential acquisitions, including some clear examples for detailed examination.

The Outcomes

  • Clear presentation of the structure of the industry, to enable the management to consider the most attractive areas for market entry.
  • Detailed report showing how the Oil and Gas exploration process works, and aligning each part of the process with the customer’s coe competencies.
  • For each area of interest, a deep review of potential acquisition targets and market entry strategies.

The Approach

  1. Detailed desk-study of many reports, analyses, and publicly available information to create a detailed picture of the market.
  2. Interviews with key participants in the market to test and examine ‘how it really works’.
  3. Internal and external workshops to highlight key issues for development.
  4. Liaison with banks and corporate advisors to identify acquisition targets.

Staffan did an excellent job in helping us to review the very diverse Oil and Gas field services market; providing valuable insights and guiding us through a process that enabled us to identify and select 3 specific areas to explore further.   Importantly he also helped us to avoid becoming distracted by other opportunities that were really not aligned with our development strategy and core competencies and ultimately would have exposed us to significant financial and operational risks.

Head of Strategic Development