Case Study: NG Bailey – Strategy Refresh

NG Bailey is a £350 million family-owned building engineering and technology business which designs, builds, operates and maintains buildings infrastructure and IT services. It started in 1921 growing from a handful of employees in Yorkshire to a European workforce of 2,500 people.

Objective of the Work

1) Review the strategies of each operating business in the light of thorough analyses of the competitive position of each one,

2) Create a clear, compelling strategy and business plan for the Group.

3) Give the Board and shareholders the confidence that the business has a robust future.

The Outcomes

1)  A clear understanding of the competitive position of each business, with the action plans to strengthen those positions.

2)  Ownership of the plans in each operating business.

3) Board-level clarity on the future direction of the business and the key strategic considerations for the future.

The Approach

  1. Agreed a robust delivery plan up-front.
  2. Engaged with each operating business.
  3. Facilitated 11 workshops/ presentations.
  4. Produced 16 objective analyses.
  5. Facilitated development of strategic objectives for the business going forward.
  6. Facilitated discussion at Board, executive team, and operating business levels on strategic issues.

“I wanted to thank you personally for the great work you did with us…The Board was very positive regarding where we got to with the work, which achieved exactly what I wanted it to. I look forward to working together again in future.”                   

David Hurcomb – Chief Executive, NG Bailey