Case Study: NewStarts community project

The Customer

NewStarts is a Christian-based social enterprise based in Bromsgrove (UK), established over a decade ago, that helps people struggling with personal and economic challenges through re-using unwanted household items, helping people to settle into new homes, and through providing volunteering, work placements, advice, and training. Their aim is to enable people to ‘tangibly appreciate the love of God’. The organisation puts well over 100 staff and volunteers to work, and is largely self-financing.

Objective of the Work

The objective of the work was to clarify and agree the main issues facing NewStarts that needed to be addressed, and to develop the practical plans – owned by the wider team – to take them forward.

The Outcomes

  • Assessed and quantified the benefits provided by NewStarts to its Stakeholders (the community, volunteers, customers, Trustees, employees, local organisations, churches etc).
  • Established how the benefits of NewStarts can be communicated.
  • Developed the strategy for taking NewStarts to the next level.
  • Work with the management team and Trustees to bring shared clarity to what it means for NewStarts to be a Christian organisation working in partnership with the community.

The Approach

The main steps were:

  • Discussions with Stakeholders regarding what they see the benefits of NewStarts activities to be, with the supporting evidence and analysis.
  • Assessed current communications channels, with proposals to improve.
  • Assessed and proposed how to improve grant bidding.
  • Develop, and run a combined management and Trustee/ Board workshop/ retreat to agree the mission of NewStarts, and what it means for NewStarts to be a Christian organisation.
  • Supported and facilitated the outputs, converting the conclusions into vision, objectives, strategies and action plans.

“Staffan ably guided us through the complex process of stakeholder engagement and feedback, helping us define our future and see how to expand and replicate the work we do, both regionally and nationally.”

Marion Kenyon – Chief Executive, NewStarts