Case Study: Nationwide Platforms – Market Segmentation and Performance Assessment

The Customer

Nationwide Platforms is the stand-out market leader in the UK Mobile Elevated Working Platforms market, with annual sales of £120m per annum. It is a subsidiary of Lavendon Group Plc.


The objective of the work was to understand the fundamental customer needs of different types of customers, allowing better segmentation and responses to those needs.


  1. Surveyed 32,000 customers to deliver evidence-based clarity on the material market segments.
  2. Provided measured clarity on the key customer ‘buying factors’ for each segment above and their relative priority.
  3. Provided objective measurement of performance on the key buying factors relative to the competition.


The following steps delivered the result:

  • Agreed a detailed delivery plan.
  • Prepared and ran segmentation workshops, and interviews.
  • Designed and implemented an e-survey.
  • Analysed the data in great detail, bringing out the key conclusions.
  • Prepared and ran strategy workshops, presentations, and meetings.

“Staffan undertook a thorough and very valuable review of our customers’ needs and buying factors, comparing these with the performance of our competitors, enabling a sharper focus on delivering to the needs of our customers.”      

Jeremy Fish – Managing Director, Nationwide Platforms