Case Study: Cranston Succession Planning

The Customer

Cranstons is a quality food manufacturing and retailing business which was first started more than 100 years ago. Philip and Roger Cranston started in the business over 30 years ago, following which it saw seen material growth and success to become a substantial Cumbrian business with sales of £11.5m and employing over 200 people. The business has been enjoying continued growth in sales and margins over recent years, with a focus on quality, local produce, and customer service.

Objective of the Work

To support Cranstons Ltd in the development of the pragmatic plans and decisions to take management and ownership succession issues forward, and enabling the business’ continued growth and success.

The Outcomes

The work delivered: clarity on what the owners really wanted for the business and on the realistic ownership and management succession options for it; consensus on the preferred option/s to take this forward; and a detailed action plan to deliver it.

The Approach

The main steps were:

  • Agreed a detailed delivery plan.
  • Meeting once a month face-to-face to work through the issues together.
  • Meet and assessing potential internal candidates to give an independent perspective on the succession options available to Cranstons.
  • Supporting, coaching, facilitating and developing the outputs with the management, converting the conclusions into the requisite vision, objectives, strategies and action plans.
  • Advising on, setting up, and supporting the process for external recruitment options.

“I was a little apprehensive opening up our business to scrutiny but was really pleased the way Staffan produced clarity. He went about it with sensitivity and an astute business acumen, outlining the issues and the options, following up with a plan that we could all agree to.” 

Philip Cranston – Chief Executive, Cranstons Ltd