Accelerating Growth

“The strongest principle of growth lies in the human choice.” – George Eliot

Delivering successful growth means finding the balance between risk and growth. We help our clients to identify their best growth opportunities, together with the associated risks and the management strategies required to deliver them.

Pathways to Growth

1. Strengthen Competitive Position in Existing Markets.  The key to delivering growth in existing markets is to be better than the competition. However, management teams frequently lose sight of the most critical customer needs versus their own strengths and those of the competition. We bring real, fresh, insight to this area though a comprehensive position audit based on market research to bring clarity on where the business is best suited to compete and where it needs to focus in order to succeed. This has been recently demonstrated in our work with Cintas Corporation.

2. Find and Enter New Adjacent Markets.  Businesses  are often so fixed on their current markets that they have no time to look for new, profitable, business areas and so at best suffer from ‘hit and hope’, with an unacceptably high failure rate for new market ventures. We support our customers in focussing on ‘adjacent’ markets which build on their existing core competencies, resources, and relationships. Some of our track record is listed below.

3. International Expansion. With challenging domestic markets, international growth can be an attractive and sensible option. However, it is common for businesses to assume that overseas trading is similar to those they know, which is rarely the case. It is frequently unclear which countries are the most attractive and the nature of the offering that is most likely to succeed. We assist our customers in navigating the complexities of the many options available, and in undertaking detailed country reviews in order to determine relative attractiveness and entry plans. Our track record is listed below.

4. Mergers and Acquisitions. The two most difficult parts of an acquisition are: finding the right deal to do; and deciding not to pursue it further if it was not what you thought. The actual transaction processes – as stressful as they often are – are relatively straightforward. Through many years experience of large and small transactions (see below), we support our customers in: finding and assessing suitable candidates; managing the transaction; and integration planning and delivery.


Track Record: UK Strategy Work

Track Record: International Expansion Strategy Work

Track Record: Mergers and Acquisitions